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The Beer Swaps Service

You already know the sales, margin and efficiency benefits of reciprocal trading with other small brewers ('beer swaps').

This service enhances and accelerates this sales channel to benefit all small brewers who wish to use it.

It is an online marketplace, where you can :-

Browse Entries

Browse entries posted by other brewers for pallets of beer they plan to fill and swap. Search by various factors including region, week available, ABV, beer style(s), brewer's feedback score and more.

Post upcoming availability

Post upcoming availability of your own beers for swap trades. Easily list your regular beers to make up a pallet (up to 6 beers per pallet), and add seasonal specials to suit. Average pallet ABV is calculated automatically. Your tasting notes and pump-clip artwork can be linked to each beer, so interested brewers can view.

Use ECasks

Use ECasks for the trades, so you don't have to worry about reversing the swaps to get your own casks back or losses. Just 'fill, send and forget' and save your own precious casks for your local trade. We have an exclusive contract with ECasks and all registered ECasks brewers have this option at a special fill rate of just £4.50.

Track All Your Trades

Track all your trades in our system, and so review your historical trades to plan ahead to swap for variety and your favourites.

Staggered Swaps

Do 'staggered swaps', with a time delay between sending and receiving legs.

Simultaneous Swaps

Do normal 'simultaneous swaps', where both parties send pallets at same time. Have single or mixed beers on a pallet.

Feedback Profile

Build your own feedback profile for beers, service etc. and so sell more beer by attracting more 'swap' trades.

Do all this for an admin fee of just £2.50 per pallet. ECasks charged directly by them at exclusive reduced rate of just £4.50 each.