Why start Beer Swaps Ltd?

There is a compelling business case for smaller brewers to trade pallets of cask ale with each other, and it currently represents over 3% of the total sector output. Over 200 brewers are thought to trade this way, shipping over 200,000 casks per year to each other. Although the availability of low cost pallet shipping makes these trades even more attractive, there are 2 main problems restricting brewers – the lack of a 'marketplace' for the activity, and the potential for cask losses. Beerswaps Ltd has been founded to provide a unique solution to both of these problems, and to add another dimension which is to act as an optional 'invoice hub', so that brewers have the chance to trade more flexibly by buying from one brewer and selling to another, so avoiding the need to always do direct swaps.


Andrew Thompson

1993 to 2003 – Works Director at Keg Services Hereford
2004 to 2006 – Established Franke Keg Service Thurnscoe – now CBR Container Services.
2006 to Dec 2014 – Established ECasks – now part of CBR

Kay Thompson

2007 to Dec 2015 – Administrator at ECasks

Peter Godwin

To 2003 – a career in Corporate Finance
2003 – 2006 Founder of an IT Rental business
2007 – 2015 Founder and MD of Close Brewery Rentals
2015 on – Business Consultancy